Preparing for your session





You’re about to be photographed, (YAY!!!) but what now? Choosing attire, locations, and feeling comfortable in front of the camera can be tough! Here are some ideas and tips to make your session go as smoothly as possible! 

Relax! Don’t worry about posing yourself, I will guide you through this process. Take a deep breath, treat yourself (get a manicure (cute nails for pictures is a good idea anyway), and think about why you want these photos, lifelong memories, keepsakes to pass down, and to freeze time so you can remember your kiddos, spouse and family just as you are today. 

Get dressed up, pamper yourself!! It’s not every day that you get photographed, so make the most of it! Don’t be afraid to wear a good amount of makeup, it translates well in photographs. However, do make sure the makeup matches your neck color, and avoid a heavy smoky eye. Do put on an amount that feels comfortable and natural to you. Have your hair done or do it yourself. As long as you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful you’ll look great! 

Practice smiling! Look in the mirror and see what look you like best! You will remember what that “perfect smile” feels like and it will show up in the photos as well! 

Do you have kiddos? Are you worried they may not behave during pictures? Take a minute to explain what a photo session is and why you are taking pictures. In the days/weeks leading up to your session practice taking pictures with them, they will be naturals the day of the session. In case we have a meltdown, feel free to pull your child aside and remind them why we are taking pictures. – Side note – I will keep working if/when that happens. If your child isn’t doing exactly what I’ve asked, I will try to redirect and transition out of one look into another with the end goal being a cooperating child and great photos. Don’t stress if this happens during your session. Allow me some time to try a few options before stepping in. 

If you are self-conscious, know that black/dark colors are slimming, and white/light colors are enlarging.

Avoid clothing with lettering, logos, or distracting patters. You don’t want your clothing to be the focus of your session. Solid colors and light patterns are best. Avoid tank tops and shorts. Too much skin isn’t the most flattering

What to wear? The possibilities are endless and doesn't mean you all have to wear matching white shirts and khaki’s.
Families and large groups. No need to all match. Try coordinating colors instead. For example: jeans with earth toned shirts (red, green, mustard yellow, brown), neutral colors (grey, white, black), or complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are as follows: Cyan & Red, Yellow & Blue, Magenta & Green.

Avoid neon colors, they don’t photograph well, and if you wear glasses, be prepared to tilt them down to reduce glare.

If you’re changing outfits, I suggest a casual look and a dressy look.

Still not sure what to wear?
Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration!

I hope this was helpful, but if you’ve got questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!